A brand new batch.

Nothing is more exciting for me than planting a seed! 
I decided to start on my fourth grow from scratch. We’ll go ahead and say it is for the sake of documenting the full process, but I’ll take any excuse to start a new seed! The love of green is infectious. ūüíö

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On 3/24 I put 5 seeds to germinate in a tupperware. I did 2 Master Kush feminized seeds from Nirvana and 3 from a friend’s Super Silver Haze plant using Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest soil. By 3/26 all 5 seeds had little tails on them. I planted them into cups with 6-7 holes punched in the bottom. I much prefer using paper cups vs. plastic because the holes are easier to punch + they are biodegradable. ¬†Make sure that the holes are large enough for great drainage and don’t forget to label each plant!
(see http://www.growweedeasy.com/germinate for a more in depth guide on germination)



Now I have 4 beautiful velvety green sprouts to take care of. I am watering them with room temperature tap¬†water ¬†due to budget reasons which I p’h to 6.0-6.5.¬†My last grows all showed slight nutrient burns, and I see that problem in a lot of other grows online so¬†this time around I am waiting to give them nutrient water until they show signs of needing it.

For my grow I am using the Spectrum King Mother’s lil Helper light which has been great for the vegetative stage. Hoping to get a Spectrum King 400+ for flowering stage! Right now the light is about 18 inches away from the top of the sprouts.
I’m here to learn and share what I can about growing the medicine we know and love!